Welcome to our New Jersey location for
Happy K9 Club!

We are thrilled to have expanded our services to this new community and can’t wait to meet all the wonderful dogs and their owners. Our experienced and dedicated trainer is committed to helping your furry friend develop essential skills and behaviors that will make them a happier and healthier companion.


Meet Jake - our head honcho in NJ

"My family has had Golden Retrievers since before I was born. From puppyhood to their elder years, dogs have always been a major part of my life.

After graduating from Keiser University I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of playing professional baseball. Playing for the New Jersey Jackals in 2020, I was able to stay close to home where I could raise my Husky puppy Liam. In 2021, I left for Texas to play for the Alpine Cowboys and Houston Apollos. After that season, my passion became coaching and not playing. There were many similarities in philosophy between my baseball mentors and my dog training mentor (Franco). I took this as a sign to become a dog trainer. 

Having dogs all my life I believed I was fine and could train Liam. I quickly learned there was more to dog training than giving paw and playing fetch. Under the guidance of Franco, certifications and many repetitions, I fell in love with training dogs. 

Developing my own style and art of training, our Philosophy stays the same: Respect = Trust = Love 

Liam helped me grow as a trainer and person. He was missing the strong leadership he needed to be a happy and calm dog. There is nothing more important than the relationship between humans and dogs. My job is to educate owners, improve and build upon their relationship to achieve balance.”

Never giving up on you and your dog is my commitment to anyone who wants to have a happy, healthy, and balanced relationship with their dogs.

My Philosophy: Respect = Trust = Love
If you earn your dog’s respect and trust, all that will follow is love

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